Progression of ALS.

my mother was diagnosed with ALS LAST YEAR AT AGE 78. She had no symptoms until she fell at a party. Her doctor recommended an MRI on her brain since she had leg sensitivity like restless leg syndrome. We were in shock! In the meantime her progression is very slow. She is now 79.5 and although her walking is stiff she continues to live independently with my father. She plays maj Jong every day, goes out for her coffee or dinner and socializes in her independent living residence. She does get out of breath from talking too much and uses the trilogy machine. Has anyone heard of ALS affecting people close to 80 years old? How slow can I expect this progression to last?
In November I started my mother on Mitoq after reading about it in the newsletter. She now started Granalix which supposedly is having positive effects on ALS patients. She pushes herself to live her life.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

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