Twitching, emg, atrophy?

Hi everyone new here, however I've read posts for the last 7.5 months here and the bfs site. While I'm not looking for a doctor or expecting a diagnosis I am looking to share what I'm going thru at this point I'm back to square one. I have questions that I can't seem to find answers to do to maybe wording wrong in Google. So here goes.

Last August I started with the phantom cell phone buzzing in my legs I would stomp or bend my leg hoping it would stop then out of no where I'm hit with my body and arms feeling like they weigh a tremendous amount immediately into what I call twitching and pain from my knees to my toes. When it would hit my toes it felt like someone had pinched them very hard and held and the pain and tingle would come with the release feeling. My twitching is described like someone flicking from the inside out. Yes it's visible. After about three weeks and several doctors appointments all that they seem to find is potassium that fluctuates. After several weeks I noticed I would have a few good days were it seemed the twitching has decreased but then a few bad days to follow. Yes there is pain but not always. In December I woke up and my hand was numb I waited for it to subside but it didn't. My daughter asked me to go to the er so I did when the nurse took my temp it was then I realized my face was numb also so they started running testing for stroke and a CT scan. I didn't mention the twitching hoping if there was anything brain wise going on it would show in the CT. Well it was normal. In January the family doctor sent me to a psychiatrist for an EMG. By this time the twitching had been in my left hand back of arm and shoulder blade and center of back several inches from where the emg electrodes was placed. The emg and nerve conduction test was done in my lumbar spine down to my feet only. And of course I only had a twitch once in my left foot when the lady doing the test seen it. However a week and a half later I'm told the test was normal. And there's nothing wrong with me by my family doctor.who admitted at that point his mother passed away from Als. the test results made him very happy so I tried to relax on my fears of Als because the test was normal and my doctor had been involved with ALS first hand. I took the results to neurologist in February because I'm still having twitching and he was also OK with the emg result. Now it's 3/17 and I have the twitching in all the same spots along with buzzing and now my lower left eye lid twitches so hard it can effect my vision until it stops. On 3/19/17 after noticing my left hand fell asleep I looked at it and noticed it looks smaller than the right and without alarming my daughter I asked if she thought so too, yes. So my question is since the EMG and nerve conduction test was only conducted in my lower half would it pick up als that would perhaps be effecting any other place in my body?

I've also had many vitamin tested as well. At one point I was so consumed with what was wrong I missed a standing every three months appointment that I've had for almost 8 years. I also know it's not good to worry and had all but gave up on worrying and only being annoyed until I noticed the difference in hand size today. If anyone knows the answer to my Emg question that would be extremely appreciated and any ideas as I'm going to make another doctor appointment tomorrow.


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My moms ALS started with twitching and led into atrophy of her muscles.

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