I don't know if this is right, but I need HELP

In January of 2015 I was pregnant and in nursing school I started having leg twitching. In January of 2016 I lost vision in my left eye for 45 seconds or so, had an MRI In which case they found 9 lesions, sent me to an MS specialist in march who said I did not have ms but that we would do a repeat MRI in July.. we did and the lesions were unchanged. He said he didnt think I had ms and that I most definitely didn't have mnd...  we would do another scan in July of 217 since then I've had widespread twitching. No atrophy and perceived weakness. I've been to my GP twice, once just last week who said my reflexes were normal prescribed me klonipin and Zoloft im a mother of two small children I'm 27 and I'm terrified does this sound like something serious the twitching is almost constant please help me

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Be careful of the klonopin.... it can be dangerous.... look up the risks associated with it please

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